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PIECAKEN is a whole pie baked inside of a cake. Any cake. Any pie. PIECAKEN has endless flavour combinations, which is why this web page exists. So when a pie or a cake simply is not enough, turn to this page for recipes, ideas, photos and events dedicated to PIECAKEN. It is a celebration all on its own, baked into one delicious dessert.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Christmas PIECAKEN: Mincemeat Pie in a Fruit Cake!

A friend of mine made a very cool Christmas PIECAKEN for our Piecakenfest in August (that's right, Christmas in August) and it was a real hit. I also thought that if there was such a thing as a British PIECAKEN, this would certainly be it.

So if you are thinking of making a PIECAKEN for your Christmas Potluck, a great Christmas cake and Christmas dessert idea is to make Mincemeat Pie inside of a Rum-filled Fruit Cake, decorated with white and red icing.

If I can convince my friend to give me her recipe, I will post it here.  But if you know a great recipe for Mincemeat Pie, and a recipe for Fruit Cake (see blow for recipe links), simply bake your mincemeat pie, then make your fruit cake batter, pour a little in the bottom of a cake pan, flip your pie upside down into it and then pour the rest of the batter on top of the pie.  Spread the batter around and then bake the cake for as long as your cake recipe suggests.  Voila! You have a Christmas PIECAKEN!

Another Christmas-y idea is to place a Mincemeat Pie inside of a Ginger-Spiced Cake (see below for recipe links).

What other Christmas PIECAKEN ideas can you come up with?  Feel free to put them in the Comments section below!

Here are some links to recipes that look tasty:

Anna Olson's Mincemeat Pie from the Canadian Food Network:

A British recipe on that uses store-bought mince-meat:

Fruit Cake Recipe that uses Brandy or Rum:

A moist Ginger Spice Cake Recipe:

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