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Monday, January 27, 2014

The FAKEN PIECAKEN: All the PIECAKEN without the BAKIN'!

Why fake a PIECAKEN?  Well, there are a few reasons. The first is, hmm, how can I put this nicely.... laziness.  For instance, my husband wanted to make an entry for our annual Piecakenfest, but he did not want all the trouble of making one from scratch and worrying about whether or not the cake was cooked (it is not easy to tell when there is a pie in the centre of the cake). So he decided to fake it.

First, he made a Strawberry pie in an 8" pan. Then he bought an Angel Food Cake mix and some Cool Whip.  He made the Angel Food Cake in two pans that were the same size as the pie (8").  Once the cake layers were made, he placed the pie between the two layers of cake.  It was a little crooked, and slightly broken in parts, but no one noticed because he iced the whole concoction with the Cool Whip.  So essentially, the Strawberry Pie was the filler between the two layers of Angle Food Cake.

A home-made strawberry pie is the perfect filling between
two layers of Angel Food Cake (with sprinkles inside).
Once iced, no one can tell that there
is a pie in the middle of this cake!

It actually turned out wonderfully and the kids really liked it. And as you can see from the picture above, it looked quite tasty too. It really was the perfect summer dessert. 

Another reason why you might want to make a 'FAKEN PIECAKEN'? You want to put a no-bake pie inside of a cake.

A friend of mine had the idea of putting a banana cream pie inside of a chocolate cake.  Since the banana cream pie could not be heated, he had to make the cake separately and then slice it in half and carve out a space for the pie. 

After placing the pie in the centre, he covered the entire cake in a light whipped chocolate icing and some toasted coconut (see picture to the right). That was another big hit with the chocolate and banana fanatics, as well as the kids.

Along the same lines, I have an idea for a 'FAKEN PIECAKEN' made with a no-bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie. I think it will pair nicely with a Rice Krispie cake. Sounds delicious, right?  I will get around to making it soon and will post the recipe here.

If you have any great ideas for a FAKEN PIECAKEN, feel free to 'share' in the Comments below. Share your links as well!

For now, Happy PIECAKEN Bakin'!

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